Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder - Restoration of a legendary Car

Perfection even in every minor detail - Restoration in the USA

restaurationBruce Canepa, California - race driver, collector, and a world wide repudiated expert for Porsche race cars, is a perfectionist when it comes to restore an historic car.

Between the first inspection of the car, and the successful test days at Laguna Seca, there are several thousands of working hours.

With painstaking accuracy, the race car was dismantled completely to the naked carbon tub, re-worked, all major components had been checked, measured, partly replaced or perfectly well adjusted.

The Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder shows up like new.

As well it goes without saying, that the unique history of this race car is maintained: Proudly, the Kremer Porsche K8 Spyder bears its spectacular Le Mans livery.


Friday, 19th April 2024

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